5 Mistakes To Avoid That Could Hurt The Sale Of Your House

5 Mistakes To Avoid That Could Hurt The Sale Of Your House

There could be many reasons why a house may not sell quickly. Below are five common mistakes that could hurt the sale of your house:


  • Incorrect Pricing

We all want to make money when we sell our house but over inflated pricing can be the number 1 reason why you’re not getting any calls. In most neighborhoods there will be other homes being sold the same time as yours. If these competitors have more attractive pricing relative to their price, home buyers might be skipping your home and visiting theirs instead.

Many realtors agree that determining the best asking price for a home is one of the most important aspects of selling. If the house is listed above market value, you are more likely to miss out on prospective buyers.


  • Bad Pictures

It is said that you have approximately 7 seconds to make an impression so the same must be true for your house. According to Trulia, more than 90% of buyers start their search for a home online and it all starts with photos. This means that they make a decision to come see your house based on the photos you’ve posted. If there are no or few photos, or if they look bad because they were not taken by professionals, or because the house looks cluttered, many buyers will opt to move to the next listing.

The solution to this problem is clear: get professional photographers to take photos of your house. Professional real estate photos can generate up to 118% more online views and sell 50% faster.


  • No Staging

Home staging is a form of advertising. Professional stagers dress up your house so that it looks neutral, making it easier for potential buyers to imagine living in the space. Professionals can give your house the “wow” factor that makes it unforgettable in the eyes of the buyers. It can also highlight your house’s best features and disguise its flaws.

According to Forbes, staged homes sell for 17% more and 95% of staged homes sell in 11 days or less. Statistically, that’s 87% faster than non-staged homes.


  • Unclean House

An unclean house is the opposite of a staged house. Remember you want to make a good first impression and you also want potential buyers to imagine themselves in your space. This can be very hard if there is clutter everywhere or if your home is dirty. Nobody wants to deal with dirt especially other people’s dirt.

If your interior is messy and dirty, clients might not even want to set foot inside your house if your front yard is in shambles. Overgrown lawns and flower beds can make a house unappealing.

Sell your house faster by doing spring cleaning inside and outside. Clean up your house so that buyers will feel welcome and can see your house’s potential.


  • Being Overly Attached

Being too attached to your house could sabotage your deal. This can be true for your first house. It might be the house your kids grew up in or your first house as a married couple. You have too many memories of the house and parting with it can be very hard.

However, subconscious sabotage can cost money in the end. When you decide to sell your house, you have to be emotionally detached so you can get the best deal for your house.


Not getting any calls or offers on your house can be very frustrating and stressful. We all want our homes to sell quickly and knowing about these mistakes can help you avoid future pitfalls. Thinking of selling?Call Gold Path Real Estate at 612-758-0071 to discuss the options for your specific real estate needs today.

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