5 Real Estate Resolutions For 2016

5 Real Estate Resolutions For 2016

The New Year is right around the corner and you know what that means. With the New Year comes New Year resolutions. It’s not just personal ones that we should be listing down before the year begins but also real estate resolutions for 2016 that you can also take inspiration from. Below are five resolutions that home buyers, home sellers and home owners alike should be thinking of:

For Mortgage Payers: Make Those Extra Payments

Extra payments may not seem like much but if you take a look at the numbers carefully, you’ll see that it’s actually very beneficial. For one, it cuts down on your interest. It also brings you closer to completing your payments on your mortgage years ahead of schedule.

For Home Sellers: It’s time to do small fixes

When we say “small fixes”, we don’t mean big renovation projects. Small fixes can include rearranging furniture, painting one room wall a bright color, changing your decorations or even just organizing the piles of files you have lying on your desk. Go through each room and pretend that you’re seeing them for the very first time. What “small fix” can you do to improve your home’s appearance and ambiance?

For Home Buyers: Set realistic expectations

Of course, everyone wants to have a fabulous house but, if you haven’t found a dream house that fits your budget, you have to set more realistic expectations when house hunting. The first thing you can do is check your financial status: how much should you pay for a house without breaking your bank? You should set realistic expectations with your budget as well. As soon as you figure this out, you’ll be able to filter through your choices and choose the best possible house that you can feel comfortable buying.

For Home Sellers: Consider other options

In real estate, you have to be both creative and flexible. If you want a quick sell with a smooth transaction, consider other options of how you can sell your house or, more appropriately, who you should sell it to. Real estate agents are a good option but they’re not the only option. Look into home investors and see if you they can help you sell your house quicker with lesser hassles.

For Home Buyers: Get your pre-approval

What’s a pre-approval? It’s basically a go signal from a loan officer. Visit as many loan officers or a loan broker and submit your pre-approval documents for them to approve. Once they see that you’re in good credit standing and that you are qualified for a specific loan program they can provide you a pre-approval letter. Your house buying will not be delayed any longer than it has to be.  By getting pre-approved you will have a transaction that is smoother.

We suggest the above resolutions to take inspiration from for 2016. Feel free to customize these resolutions to your own real estate needs. Be ready for the New Year no matter if you’re selling a house, buying a house or already owning a house. Learn new trends and see where your resolutions lead you as the New Year hits.

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