5 Ways to Increase Living Space in Small Homes

5 Ways to Increase Living Space in Small Homes

increase space in homeLiving in a small home can be advantageous. First of all, there’s very little space you need to clean every day. Maintenance is also easier since you only need to service a small area. In most cases, small houses are also cheaper which makes them attractive as starter homes for new families.

However, living in a small house also has challenges. The lack of space for example can make it hard for you to entertain or store your belongings securely. But don’t worry below are five good ideas to increase the living space in your home:

1. Maximize Outside Space

To make the interior of your house feel less cramped, take some of your living space outside. If you have a patio or deck for example, you can extend your living space by making your deck comfortable. You can buy patio furniture and accessorize with throw pillows, outdoor lighting, drapes, tables and furniture that are resistant to fading, molds or moisture.

But don’t limit yourself to the patio or deck. For those who have space to spare, you can build a gazebo and turn it into an outside room. Gazebos come in all shapes and sizes. There are many ways to protect your gazebo from the rain and sun. You can use waterproof fabric or use resin wicker for furniture. This type of wicker looks like natural wicker but is made from polyethylene so it is cheaper, age resistant and waterproof. This kind of outdoor space can easily take the place of your living room and is a great place to entertain guests or host parties.

2. Minimize to Maximize

Remember when you were in college and were perfectly content to have just 1 table, 1 bed and 1 chair? If you were able to do it before, you can do it again, but in a less severe and more stylish way. Minimizing your belongings can go a long way to making your small house feel bigger. A good place to start would be your closet. How many t-shirts do you actually need? Are you still wearing those pair of boots? If you haven’t used a piece of furniture, a blouse, footwear or kitchenware in the last year then you probably won’t miss those so it’s time to get rid of them or donate them. The less clutter you have, the more space you get.

3. Organize

Now that you’ve gotten rid of things you don’t need at home, you can organize the things you do need so that your house does not feel cluttered. There are many ways to organize and a good place to start is by installing shelves to make it easy for you to find something. Shelves are a good idea because they make use of vertical space that isn’t doing anything. Installing shelves is affordable and easy. All it takes is a trip to the local hardware store and some handyman skills and you can now organize and store your belongings neatly. Another great idea is to install built-in cabinets or buy storage bins.

4. Double Duty Rooms

Make your rooms double duty. The dining room for example can double as an office or study during the day time. Instead of a desktop you can switch to a laptop so that you can work in your dining area during the day. Printers and other electronics are shrinking so you can easily hide them and keep them out of sight during dinner. Another great idea is to double your living room into a guest room. You can buy a sofa bed or futon which can transform into full length beds for your guests to use when they stay over.

5. Finish Unfinished Space

The best way to maximize your living space is by finishing an unfinished space like your attic, garage or basement. Finishing these spaces is cheaper compared to an additional bedroom because you already have the foundation and roof. The cost of finishing a space can vary depending on the type of house you live in and where you live. However, prices can rise if your space needs repairs. If you plan to finish a space, shop around for contractors that can provide the best results at reasonable rates.

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