Why You Should Consider Moving To Apple Valley MN

Why You Should Consider Moving To Apple Valley MN

Apple Valley MN is located just outside the Twin Cities. Apple Valley MN is a great suburb that has the metropolitan luxuries of movie theaters, shopping and is convenient to parks and other recreation. The city also has a lot of iconic sights and neighborhoods you can explore.

Below are some of the top reasons for why you should consider moving to Apple Valley MN.



If you don’t mind cold winters, Apple Valley has a wide range of affordable homes. Median home value for the city is $258,800 with price per square footage at $162. This number is lower than the Minneapolis-St Paul Metro average of over $187 and $299,500 being the median home price.  Even though temperatures in both cities are about the same, buying a home in Apple Valley MN can save you money compared to buying one in the Minneapolis-St Paul Metro.


Market Growth

According to the real estate website Zillow, Apple Valley home values have gone up 4.1% over the past year. Per Zillow this will continue to rise up to 2.5% within the next year.  Median home price in the city is currently listed at approximately $267,000 while median price of homes sold is $243,758.

Price per square feet is also on the rise per Trulia. Price per square foot is at a 7% increase compared to last year. Overall, Apple Valley’s market health is great. Only 7.1% homes are in negative equity; which is below the 10.4% US average and only 0.6% homeowners are delinquent on their mortgage (also lower than the 1.6% US average).



The city recently added a $112 million rapid-transit bus system with the aim to make it easier for residents and guests to connect to attractions like Mall of America and the city’s 53 parks. Kelly Park for instance is one of the most popular parks in the city. It is best known for its manicured grassy fields, picnic gazebos and shaded play structures. This is a popular destination for families who want to relax, enjoy the outdoors or just play.

You can also check out Johnny Cake Ridge Park East especially if you’re the sporty type. It has a soccer stadium & athletic fields and is a great place for grilling. It’s also a great park for recreational sports and a picnic.



Other forms of recreation in Apple Valley MN include the Minnesota Zoo. Apple Valley MN also has 485 acres dedicated to preserving and protecting global animals. You can see butterflies to deers and much more. If parks are your thing than why not bring your own food and drinks for a picnic in the park.

Other places include the Apple Valley Community Center, senior center, an ice rink and a VAA field house.

Apple Valley has come a long way from Lebanon Township; it’s previous name. It is now a bustling suburban area with a lot of attraction and sights, however without the hustle and noise of city living. Residing in Apple Valley will give you a slice of life in suburbia and also enough sophistication and things to do so that you don’t get bored.


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