What Female Homebuyers Want

What Female Homebuyers Want

Female HomebuyersIn love, women are from Venus and men are from Mars. It seems that the same is true when buying a house. For example, women buyers prefer homes in safe neighborhoods while their male counterparts prefer “fun” neighborhoods. Women also like friendly neighbors compared to males who want quiet neighbors. The difference does not stop here. Even when buying a home, different factors influence the buying decisions of female homebuyers. Some of the key things that are important to female buyers are:

1. Open Spaces

Wide open spaces or an open floor plan is very attractive to women house buyers. Open spaces integrate different parts of the home so it is very easy to entertain or bond with family members. Women do not like being stuck in the kitchen cooking while everybody else is in the living room having fun. They want easy access to the kids or family members and friends when entertaining. Homes with combined kitchens and family rooms are very attractive to female buyers.

2. Lots of Storage

Storage space for women is not just about closet space. Yes, we want ample space to arrange and organize our clothing and accessories but we also want lots of space for other things to store them properly. For female buyers it’s all about organization and keeping everything in its proper place. Female buyers want storage space they can have without having to add furniture.

3. Mudroom

A beautiful foyer and entry way should not be ruined with dirty trainers, sports equipment, backpacks, umbrellas and other unspeakable things. They belong to the mudroom which is usually located to the side or back of the house via a separate entrance. Studies show that female buyers find it important that homes they buy should have mudrooms for the above stated purpose.

4. Master Suite Retreat

In most households, mothers and wives are usually the ones who end up cleaning messes their husbands and children create. To compensate for this (sad) reality, women need a space that is without the clutter of toys and other general disturbances. Women love homes that have a master retreat sanctuary like a walk-in closet, en-suite bathroom with bathtub, a semi-private nook in the master bedroom to read books and magazines and the like. Women buyers want a small space to themselves where children and maybe the husband do not spend a lot of time in.

5. Luxurious Finishes

For lots of women it’s all about the details. This is true even when buying a home. Women love luxurious finishes even if it is just a few. Some examples include high-end faucets, stainless steel appliance, built-in cappuccino machines, showers with body jets, heated floors and ceramic tiles. They also like big windows with lots of light.

The criteria and buying decision can be strongly influenced based on the type of buyer. It is important to keep this in mind to find a home that buyers want. Gold Path Real Estate works with some of the top agents in the Twin Cities so they can help you find the right home based on your needs. Call today at 612-758-0071.

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