Ideal Selling Experience For Your House

Ideal Selling Experience For Your House

House listings differ from each other in a number of ways. It’s also the same with home sellers – not one is exactly the same as the other in terms of mindset and strategies. Because of these differences, sellers’ experiences may vary, one may have a positive experience and another could have a negative one.

The goal, however, remains the same: to close a sale. But, whatever road is taken to achieve this goal, every home seller should at least know what the ideal selling experience is.

Let’s paint a specific scenario for you to imagine:

Listing Your House & Getting Offers

Listing your home up for sale is fairly easy. It’s the low-balling and waiting that all home sellers cannot stand. With the variety of offers coming in, not all of them will contain reasonable payments. When you do find a good offer, the traditional buyer will usually tell you that the sale must go through bank financing which could take up to 60 days or longer. You’d want to avoid that.

The Ideal Scenario: You list your house up for sale on the appropriate platforms. You wait for a couple of days before checking your listing. Upon doing so, you see a few offers coming in and you pick the one that will allow you to close the deal with the least amount of contingencies.

Flexibility on Offers

When your mortgage is too big, will someone still buy your house? The answer is yes. You just have to watch for offers that give you flexibility. A good example of a flexible offer is when a home buyer is willing to take over your mortgage completely.

The Ideal Scenario: The home buyer offers to pay your mortgage.


The whole process of showing your house off, staging your house, fixing it up for home openings is tiresome and frustrating. You can eliminate this by selling your house as is without doing any kind of repairs. It will save you money and avoid stressful situations.

The Ideal Scenario: There’s no need for repairs. You sell your house as is.

Closing Offers

Of course, with every deal you make, you’d want things to run smoothly. Selling your home is no exception to this.

In usual cases, a 15-page contract is drawn up so both buyer and seller are clear on legalities concerned with the selling of the house. There are also cases where the payment is contingent because the buyer still has to wait for a loan to be approved. Ideally, you’d want to eliminate disagreements and/or contingencies and just have a smooth, straight forward transaction.

The Ideal Scenario: You close a sale within only a few days, you agree on terms, and then the home buyer pays you cash up front.


Everyone knows that when you hire an expert to do your marketing and selling for you, you’re obliged to give that expert a commission when your house is sold. It would be great if this expert can just wave his magic wand and sell your house without any hassles in just 3 days. This, however, is not the usual case.

The Ideal Scenario: No more middle men, no more commissions to pay.

Make These Scenarios a Reality

If you are interested in making “The Ideal Scenario” a reality with advantages like no costly commissions, closing costs, or any other hidden fees, you owe it to yourself to contact Gold Path Real Estate, LLC.  They have the ability to purchase your house for cash, within your timeframe, and without any contingencies that may cause delays in closing.  For a hassle-free, quick and easy selling experience contact Gold Path Real Estate RIGHT NOW at 612-758-0071.

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