Lakeville MN Real Estate

Lakeville MN Real Estate

Real Estate in Lakeville MNIf you are considering to make a move to Lakeville, MN in the near future or looking to invest in  the Lakeville MN Real Estate market you may find this information helpful.

Noted below is some important information about schools, parks,  and everything else you may want to know about Lakeville MN real estate.



Schools should be an important consideration when reviewing any real estate market and the same applies to Lakeville MN real estate. A good school district ensures better education and high-quality learning facilities for children.

One of the top elementary schools located in Lakeville MN is the Eastview elementary school which is about 1.5 miles south of Interstate 94. With over 600 students from kindergarten classes to class 5, this school believes in providing the best education to it’s students. Eastview elementary school has an average pass rate of 70%.

Another top school in the area is Lakeville North High school. This high school was ranked in 12th position by the U.S. News and Report amongst schools in Minnesota. With a passing rate of about 99%, this school consists of more than 4000 students, where 60 per cent of students are proficient in subjects concerning Arts & Humanities. Further,  about 50 per cent of students are proficient in Mathematics and Science.

Another notable school to consider is Lakeville South High School. Lakeville South High school is located on Jacquard Avenue. This school has a passing rate of 78.9%, and has outstanding state achievements in state-wide sports and athletic competitions.



Having a park close to where you live is becoming an ever increasing priority for everyone who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. If you are considering Lakeville MN real estate as part of your move, it is worth knowing about parks which work as a form of entertainment for kids, a place for meeting neighbors and lastly picnic spots for a day out. Antlers Park is located in the eastern part of Lake Marion. This park has some amazing facilities that include sand-filled volley courts, a large playground for kids to play, picnic tables and grills. Many prime residential locations of Lakeville MN are located near Antlers Park.

Locals also love Prairie Lake Park which is a few miles away from Kenyon Avenue. This park consists of various features such as picnic shelters, pavilions, basketball courts, bike trails and much more.

If you have kids, be sure to check out King Park. King park is a major sports and recreation park in Lakeville with multiple baseball and soft ball grounds. For families moving and considering Lakeville MN real estate knowing of which parks to take your kids to may be very useful.



One of the factors people consider when buying a new house is the distance to schools and distance to work. However, when considering Lakeville MN real estate you may want to know about entertainment sources in the area such as movie theaters, libraries, gyms, stadiums etc.

For golf lovers that are reviewing Lakeville MN real estate, Crystal Lake Golf Club is one of the gems of Lakeville MN. This golf course has many ponds, 18 holes and par 71 courses to play golf.

The South Metro Storm Swimming Club also provides for an amazing swimming experience. It is the largest swimming club in the vicinity to Lakeville MN with two large warm water pools and competitive pools.

Established about 30 years ago, the Ole Piper Restaurant and Sports Bar is one of the best recreation places in the Lakeville MN that also provides an amazing service. This restaurant also provides specials such as Taco Tuesday, Karaoke/ DJ, Happy Hours, Bingo and much more.



In order to find the best job, one needs to have preparation and prospects. If you are reviewing Lakeville MN real estate due to relocation you may find that there are various job options for you close to Lakeville and around Minnesota.

Various industries such as fishery, finance, engineering and much more are seeking new employees for their companies and firms. There is also a high rate of vacancy in the health and care department, forestry, biomedical research, and much more. Income and job stability often plays a huge role in many families.



Crime rate should be an important consideration in reviewing any real estate market. The same should apply to Lakeville MN real estate market. According to the crime statistics online, Lakeville MN is known to have a 59 crime Index on a scale of 100 which makes it one of the safest places in the state of Minnesota. This indicates your chances of crime being low. If you want to move in an area with low crime rate to ensure high security for you and your family, Lakeville MN is one such place.



If you plan to move to Lakeville MN, there are many types of properties in Lakeville MN which suit various taste, style and preferences. Almost 32% of the homes in Lakeville, MN are below 20 years in age and new developments are always ongoing.


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