Lakeville Realtor – Questions You Should Ask

Lakeville Realtor – Questions You Should Ask

Hire right with these questions - Lakeville RealtorPurchasing or offering a home for sale could be tedious or stressful. One option is to work with a Lakeville Realtor to deal with this tedious task. If you are purchasing real estate in Lakeville, professional realtors can take work off your hands and furthermore, enable you to bargain well. But, before you do all that, how do you know which one to choose?

Well, below are eight questions that can empower you to make that decision!


How long have you been in the Business?

While there is nothing wrong with a new agent however, you should opt for someone with a bit of experience with the local market.  With new realtors you will have to spend more time as opposed to experienced realtors. Not all experienced realtors are good either, a few with over 15 years of experience rehash their first year again and again while other experienced realtors are always on the prowl for new information. If you are not sure how to judge the level of experience of your realtor, look for someone that has knowledge of your local market and the number of deals that he or she has closed on.


What are the certificates or designations you have? 

Your Lakeville realtor may have designations and certifications which may help you measure the overall capabilities of your Lakeville realtor and whether he or she can cater to your specific property needs. One of the common designations to look for is CRS®, or Certified Residential Specialist. Along with that, there are realtors for specific kind of clients which include military clients, senior citizens, individuals thinking about a short sale, and much more.


Do you have references?

Consequently, regardless of whether you’re purchasing or offering your home for sale, you should ask your realtor for references. Consider calling some of the references and get worthy feedback about the realtor. In the case of real estate business, recommending a realtor through the word of mouth is everything. Inquire as to whether the clients who have worked with the realtor can identify him or her and ask about the good and bad. Consistency also matters so you can ask your Lakeville Realtor how many houses they have sold in the last year.


Local Neighborhood knowledge? 

Your Lakeville realtor should have knowledge about local neighborhoods. For example, trends and growth potential of an area. The Lakeville realtor will be able to let you know whether the home you really want to purchase is probably going to be a decent investment in view of everything else that is going on in the neighborhood and around it. Your Lakeville Realtor should also be aware about the average market price of properties in the neighborhood and identify key aspects that could make your property look better than other properties in the area. They should also have detailed knowledge about nearby schools, markets, departmental stores, gas stations, etc.


How many clients are you working with right now?

While there is no particular limit for the number of customers a realtor can adequately deal with, consider if the realtor is working with more than 10 – 12 clients at a time. This shows that the realtor will have a very limited amount of time to meet and discuss with you. Even in cases of very professional and experienced Lakeville realtors, working with a realtor who is hard to reach or who is always with different clients could prompt a baffling situation for you or even a negative effect on selling the property. A realtor who is too busy will not set aside the opportunity to guarantee that majority of your needs are met whether it is negotiation or marketing you home.


Lakeville Realtor Commission?

Most of the Lakeville Realtors do not charge a fixed payment rate/commission. The commission is usually around 7 to 8 per cent of the sale price. If you are selling a property then you should inquire as to whether the commission rate is negotiatble. If not then consider ways that you can offer to decrease the workload and hence, the costs.


What separates you from your competition?

Every good realtor needs to have good communication skills, be assertive, and friendly. By asking the realtor to pitch to you, you can evaluate and get an insight on his/her negotiation skills.  Also, make sure that you find your realtor trustworthy. Make sure you are are 100% comfortable with the realtor you are going to work with


How are you going to reach out to potential customers?

A realtor who does not plan on customer outreach is not a good realtor. Ask your realtor how he/she plans to market your property. While some realtors are keen on organizing neat and tidy open houses, others are more inclined on conventional marketing tactics such as brochures while tech savvy realtors nowadays depend on social media marketing. Whichever way it is, you need to know whether your realtor has a clear plan of how to take care of this aspect.


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