Should You List Your House During the Holidays?

Should You List Your House During the Holidays?

List House During The HolidaysSelling a house isn’t just about doing repairs and applying the right marketing strategy.

It also requires timing and market knowledge to get offers to roll in. With that in mind, a lot of house sellers ask what time of the year is best to list a house up for sale. Most would say that the Holidays is a great time to sell your house, but is it really the right time?

Let’s find out by taking a look at some of the PROS and CONS of listing your house during the holidays.


CONS for listing a house during the holidays

Because it is the holidays, one obvious CON would be that the whole selling process can become cumbersome. Bear in mind that you would need to be available whenever a potential buyer wants to take a look at the place. Some of the other CONs to consider include:

  • The number of people looking to buy a house during the holidays is lower. Most people are going to be busy with parties, shopping and decorating.
  • You’d have to decorate according to the holiday.
  • Financial transactions may be slower because most businesses will be closed.
  • You’ll need the help of realtors and other professionals, but they might be on vacation or leave.


PROS for listing a house during the holidays

Despite the CONS, there are advantages to listing your house during the holidays, and they are as follows:

  • There will be less competition because everybody else will be enjoying the holidays. This also means that your house will get maximum exposure to people who are looking since there are only a few listings available.
  • The neighbourhood looks inviting. With all the decorations, snow and lights, it is easy to increase a house’s curb and neighbourhood appeal without spending too much.
  • There are people who look for houses before January for tax reasons.
  • The people who look for houses to buy during the holidays are serious.
  • January is commonly a month for employees to start on their new jobs. This means that transferring employees need to find a home before spring time.
  • You have the option to sell now and then negotiate when a close is finalised, let’s say after the holidays have passed.

Whether it is a good idea to list your house up during the holidays or not is up to you, but you have to consider the PROS and the CONS, as well as have an understanding of how the local market behaves. See what works for you. If you absolutely need to sell your house, there’s always the other option of going to an investor who can make a quick offer, buy your house AS IS, and pay in cash.

For more real estate tips, do check out our other posts on our blog. If you need advice on whether to sell your house during the holidays, or if you simply want to talk to an experienced real estate solutions professional, contact Gold Path Real Estate today at 612-758-0071Alternatively, click below to to get a free report on how to sell your home fast. 

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