How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Many people do everything they can to decrease the use of energy.

It’s not only better for the environment but it is certainly pocket friendly as well!

Energy efficient homes reduce costs, save energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gas.

Below are some tips which may help you to make your home energy efficient:


Change Heating and Cooling Systems

There are many heating systems available in the market today which are energy efficient. You can also hire an expert who will adjust and service your heating system on a yearly basis. This includes cleaning parts of the heating system which you cannot easily see or reach and making sure it is working efficiently. Changing the filters on your cooling system can also help because it makes the air flow smoother.


Replace/Repair Windows

Your windows can likewise make you lose a considerable measure of warmth during winter season and cool breeze during summer. This can truly be adverse with regards to your utility cost during the year. Depending on the type of window you have it may or may not be as energy efficient. Double board windows and other types of frames have vastly improved than single sheet windows and aluminum outlines. Double board/ double glazed windows have better insulation which retains warmth in your house during winter. Alternatively, you may also consider windows labeled ENERGY STAR® which are highly energy efficient.

Also, consider tinting your windows or keeping your blinds open to give some access to light to reduce your costs. Alternatively, you can always opt for old fashioned caulking and weather stripping to reduce air leakage from your windows.


Set up Solar Panels 

Depending on affordability it may be wise to purchase and install solar panels in your home. This can really eliminate your energy costs since it gives you the ability create your own power. The initial cost investment of solar panels may not make this a likely option for everyone.


Insulate Walls

Insulation decreases the rate at which warmth streams out of your house during the winter season or into the house during summer. A reduced amount of energy is required to warm or cool the house. On the off chance, if your home does not have insulated walls,  blown-in insulation could be a cost effective option. Consider contacting your local insulation service expert to decide on the best insulation option for your home.


Replace Traditional Lighting With Energy Efficient Lighting

On an average basis, a family household commits about 11 to 12 per cent of its energy to lighting. The utilization of new lighting advances, for example, light emitting diodes and compact fluorescent lights, can lessen the use of energy. Advances in lighting controls mean that you can further save up on your energy expenditure by decreasing the duration over which lights are operational.


Opt for Heat Pumps

Heat pumps, if used properly, can be extremely energy efficient and could spare you a considerable amount in contrast to heating options. They create instant heat and you can control the temperature with just a push of a button. Remember that heat pumps must be estimated accurately for both space and atmosphere. Some are significantly more productive than others, and they will not work amidst a power cut.


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