Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

A good Minneapolis divorce lawyer can help reduce the strain both parties feel when disputes over major assets arise. This includes real estate.

Divorce is never a pretty process to go through. Rarely will you find two people agreeing on the same terms without any friction. There will be a lot of things to discuss during divorce. This includes custody, child support and division of debts and property. The biggest arguments can arise from deciding who gets which asset.

Laws on Real Estate

The family court will analyze the value of all property acquired during marriage. This will then be divided fairly between the two parties. The key phrase here is: property acquired during marriage. The most important factor for analyzing this is the time the property was purchased. If it was purchased before marriage, it might be categorized as a pre-marital asset. However, there are certain circumstances where this kind of property can be deemed as a marital asset. It is these kinds of legalities that need the attention of a local Minneapolis divorce lawyer.

Minneapolis Divorce Lawyer

Talk to your local Minneapolis divorce lawyer before signing anything. Your attorney will go over your divorce papers. This includes all real estate that is owned by yourself, your spouse and both of you together. Also, property owned by you or your spouse with a relative or a friend will be considered. Your attorney can explain what is considered to be “real estate” under Minnesota law.

Here are some examples:

  • House(s), condo(s), or other houses purchased by you or your spouse.
  • House(s), condo(s), or properties purchased by you or your spouse after separation.
  • Second homes such as a cabin by the lake or vacation property that is a timeshare before marriage.
  • Investment property such as rental apartments.

Businesses owning land or buildings that is owned by you or your spouse

Having a Minneapolis divorce lawyer can really help steer you to the right direction during this stressful time. Your lawyer can advise you on how to best protect your interest. Your Minneapolis divorce lawyer can help fill out your divorce paperwork so they communicate exactly what you want.

Selling a Real Estate Property during Divorce

What if both parties decide on selling a marital asset? Would that be an easier way to deal with dividing properties?

           The answer will actually depend on how you plan to sell a property.

The most convenient way is working with a real estate investor. You can close the sale quickly. You can close hassle free. Most investors also pay in cash no matter what the property’s condition is. They can be flexible with the deal when a mortgage, insurance and the likes are involved.

When it comes to legal matters of the sale your Minneapolis divorce lawyer can help you. Again, he or she will advise you on how best to proceed to protect your personal interest.

Summary and Tips for Divorce and Divorce Properties:

  • Hire a good Minneapolis divorce lawyer.
  • Know at least the basic laws that surround divorce and properties.
  • Always consult your Minneapolis divorce lawyer before signing or consenting anything. Be honest with your attorney so he or she knows your exact needs and situation.
  • Consider contacting a real estate investor that specializes in buying and selling of such properties. The property investment division of Gold Path Real Estate, LLC specializes in this area. Call now to receive the right quote for your property. Get the cash you need quickly. Get it hassle-free.


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