5 Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Selling Experience

5 Mistakes That Could Sabotage Your Selling Experience

Selling your house could be a very exciting experience. You get to meet new people and showcase your property. There is also the prospect of making money from the sale.

However, mistakes like being ill prepared could sabotage the whole selling experience.

Below are five common selling mistakes to avoid:


1. Not Making Repairs

Potential home buyers want a property that they can move into right away. They are usually looking for an investment that they can enjoy without having to worry about leaky roofs, broken air conditioners or faulty plumbing. Repairing your house could also help to improve its value. Good examples of repairs include flooring fixes, repainting ceilings and walls and kitchen improvements. Remember that buyers want to buy a house that has no visible deferred maintenance. Buyers want a home that has newer appliance, modern conveniences and is ready to occupy.


2. Not Negotiating

Selling your house could be the single biggest financial transaction you may undertake in your life. The decision you make on the price of your house can have a significant impact on how much money you walk away with. Not negotiating means that you could end up with less money. However, negotiating could put you in the driver’s seat and will help you get top dollar for your property.


3. No Open House

An open house is a good way to get attention. Before an open house; ads are placed, signs are added in the yard and balloons are placed in the entry way to welcome potential buyers. A property that has a lot of attention has a good chance of selling quickly. This is because buyers will be able to see the popularity of your property based on the number of people attending your open house.

A good real estate agent can help you generate a lot of interest which means you could be inundated with viewings. If you have a full time job, this could become very inconvenient. However, if you have an open house, you could accommodate many viewings in one go.


4. Wrong Timing

Real estate agents agree that spring is usually the best time to sell a house. This is probably because most buyers are not away for summer vacation or busy with Christmas preparations. If you’re not ready to sell yet don’t sell. It is better to choose a time and season that has the potential to attract the most buyers. If you rush yourself and your home without preparation, you could end up with a bad selling experience.

Choose seasons and time wisely. Generally warmer weather will attract buyers. Open houses are also best held on Sundays when more people have time to do other outdoor activities and have time off work.


5. Not Staging

The purpose of staging is to de-personalize the space and present your house at it’s best so that it looks more attractive to potential buyers. Most home owners, will most likely have photographs, memorabilia and other personal knickknacks laying around. The idea behind staging is for the potential buyer to visualize living in the house. According to Realtor.com, a staged house could sell for 20% more and up to 88% faster than a house that is not staged.

A successful home sale is the goal of every seller. Avoid these mistakes and you can improve your chances of success and for a better home selling experience.

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