Questions To Ask Your Realtor – First Meeting

Questions To Ask Your Realtor – First Meeting

Agent QuestionsThe two most common questions homeowners ask their listings agents are:

  1. How much will I get when this property is sold?
  2. How much will your commission be?


These are valid first meeting questions. The answers to these will be important pieces of information for any homeowner since everyone wants to get the most out of the sale. The questions, however, shouldn’t stop just with these two. A homeowner should be asking the questions below to really get a feel of the agent’s qualifications and means of handling the sale:


How many homes have you sold in our neighborhood?

Knowing the answer to this will give you an idea if your listing agent is knowledgeable about the local market or not. If the agent has indeed sold a few houses recently, it means that you’re in good hands. Other than the number of listings, you should also ask for the listing prices of houses sold. If they’re close to the price you’re asking for, it may mean less haggling from the buyer.


How many clients are you currently handling?

You definitely want to hire an agent who’s not too busy. The agent who will handle your listing should be able to make time for your questions and concerns. He may not be able to do this if he is juggling one too many clients. If he doesn’t have any clients currently, it doesn’t mean that he is not capable. Take a look at his track record instead.


Is your commission negotiable?

Is this possible? Can a realtor’s commission be negotiable? Yes, and many homeowners who are looking to sell are not aware of it. It also doesn’t hurt to ask. If you have an idea about an alternate way of compensating them, you can discuss that during the first meeting as well.


Can you help me with finding other professionals?

Seasoned listing agents should have a whole slew of contacts to reach in case their client needs help. Ask if the listing agent knows a professional that can do inspections, renovations, repairs and so on. If the agent does know people to do things you need, it can indicate that he can collaborate with other professionals and work well with them.


How is the market looking lately?

A good listing agent will be able to answer this easily. If he does, it means that he can apply necessary marketing techniques to show your house at it’s best. It’s likely that the agent might sell the house quicker when his marketing strategies are effective.


How will you market my house?

Speaking of marketing strategies, you should also know what marketing strategies the agent is going to use. Will the agent be doing an open house? You would want to know this in order for you to start cleaning or organizing. Will the agent use social media to market your house?

Will the agent be taking videos aside from pictures? Homeowners need to know these things because their cooperation will be needed in some of the marketing strategies. Also, as a homeowner, you’ll feel more comfortable if you’re aware and kept in the loop about what’s being done to sell your house.


Do you have any suggestions?

Homeowners will benefit from the experience of a seasoned listing agent. During your first meeting, ask if there’s anything that you need to do on your end to sell the house quicker. For example, you can ask if the pricing of the house is right and if the front yard needs landscaping.


Questions like this can help a homeowner gauge a listing agent properly. Don’t be shy to add to this list if you have any more questions to ask. Asking questions makes you more involved in the process and it’s always a good thing for the agent to know your preferences.


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