Sell A House Quickly Must-Do’s

Sell A House Quickly Must-Do’s

Sell a house quicklyTo sell a house quickly, you would need a smooth and organized transaction as well as a quick close on the sale. However, if you neglect to do pre-listing steps this can impact you to sell a house quickly.


The following are some of the basic pre-listing steps that you must remember before selling:


Answer the “Why” Question

Answering the question of why you need to sell a house quickly will determine the rest of the steps needed to make everything happen smoothly. For example, if you are facing foreclosure you could be more motivated and willing to take a different path to selling your house than someone who’s merely looking to move to a bigger place.


Lender’s Pre-Approval

Why is this needed when you’re going to have cash when your house is sold? This is actually a necessary step in order for you to move forward. If the plan is to purchase another house, a lender’s pre-approval will allow you to determine whether you can afford it or not.


Home Inspection

To sell a house quickly requires a home inspection. This is necessary so you will be able to determine a realistic idea of the value of your house. The inspection also allows you to know certain details about your house that potential buyers could ask such as conditions of the septic system, electric, plumbing and so on.


Understand Mortgage Pay-Off

Before selling a house, a seller must understand the terms of his or her loan or mortgage. This is necessary because some mortgage agreements state that a penalty fee needs to be paid when a mortgage is completed earlier than the date on the loan contract. Before you sell a house quickly, you must understand your rights in terms of paying off a mortgage earlier.


Your Mindset

No matter how you decide to sell your house you must be mentally prepared to let the property go. The sooner you realize that the house will eventually belong to someone else, the easier it will be for you to detach yourself and transition into a new home.


How the House is Sold

In most cases, in order to sell a house quickly the seller needs to work with an investor. This is because an investor can usually offer all cash, smoother transactions and no commission fees. Working with an investor is also the best choice when you want the sale to be done according to your timeline.


Sell a House Quickly with These Key Points

These are some of the key things to remember before putting your house up for sale. There’s more involved when you opt to work with a realtor such as repairs, appraisals and financing approval. If time is not on your side, the most important thing to remember is that you have options. Check out our other blogs for more real estate tips. Need to discuss your specific situation with an investor? Call Gold Path Real Estate today at 612-758-0071.


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