How To Sell Your House Fast During A Divorce

How To Sell Your House Fast During A Divorce

Sell House Fast During DivorceWith divorces, many things come into play. Aside from parting from your spouse, you are also in the process of parting from your house. This could provide both of you a clean break and some money to start over.

There are things you need to consider when selling your house. Should you sell it the old traditional way or should you consider selling to an investor? Below are some reasons why its better to sell to an investor.

Clean Your House

To make your house sell quickly at a good price the traditional way you must think from a buyer’s point of view: you will not buy a place where you cannot see yourself living. You have to clean and clear the house like an empty canvas, which needs to be beautified according to what buyers are looking for.

You do not need to make huge, costly changes. Create the atmosphere the way you would like to see if you were the one buying the place, the drawings your children have made on the walls need to go away, so does the threadbare carpet. Repaint the walls a neutral color and stash all the clutter away. Clear the curb and make it look inviting. Mow the lawn and get the windows cleaned. Replace the doormat and lightly furnish the place the way it is supposed to be lived in. Cut out the dirty curtains, wash them or remove them completely. Making the place look airy and light is one thing that will attract people. Keep in mind that the buyers will go through your kitchen and have a look at your bathroom too. Do not make them want to hold their noses and rush out of your place quickly. Clean it or get it cleaned as meticulously as possible.

Do Not Make It Personal

Avoid confusing the buyers with any conflicts between you and your partner. Decide beforehand who is going to deal with everything considering the sale. Divide the repairing costs. Make the reason you are selling the house clear and avoid delving into your family problems in order to connect with the buyers.

High Sale Price Does Not Mean Selling Fast

Most of the time, in divorces, the house needs to be sold quickly. However, in a traditional transaction market conditions based on economic factors, time of the year, condition of the property among other factors can impact your sale timeline.

Benefits Of Selling To An Investor

As you can see there are multiple reasons why selling your house the traditional way may not work for you in a divorce situation. So what is the alternative? Consider selling your house to an investor. You can sell your house in AS-IS condition by selling to an investor. Generally, an investor will purchase the property without any inspection contingencies or financing. Further, you can get a CASH offer within 48 hours and close quickly. An investor can work with you based on your situation, whether it means working with different payment options, taking over the mortgage or closing on your timeline.

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