Seven Best Lawn Care Tools For A Beautiful Yard

Seven Best Lawn Care Tools For A Beautiful Yard

First impressions last and when it comes to real estate.

When it comes to curb appeal having a killer lawn can make a big difference.

Make your yard beautiful with your the tools below:

Lawn Mower

One of the best investments for yard care is a lawn mower. There are 2 kinds: manual and gas-powered. Houses with small front yards can make do with a manual mower. You can push it around the yard whenever the grass needs a trim. They are easy to use and maintain and costs less than gas mowers. Gas-powered mowers are best for big yards and will help you work quickly. Just be mindful of your neighbors around gas mowers since they can be noisy. Quick Buy – Click Here

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Hose or Sprinkler System

There is nothing more unattractive than having brown grass or dead plants all over your yard. Having a hose or sprinkler system will make it easier for you to deliver water to your plants without having to haul around buckets of water. 

Sprinkler systems are ideal for people who don’t have a lot of time to water their grass and plants and can be switched on automatically as scheduled. However, they can’t really cover areas where they can’t reach. Hoses are more practical for small yards and can cover areas where sprinklers can’t get to. The downside is that you need to personally water your plants regularly since there are no automated hose. Quick Buy – Click Here.

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Trimmer or Edger

Trimmers and edgers are useful landscaping tools that can be used for well defined lines at the edge of your grass. They can give your front yard a neater and more manicured appearance.

Trimmers usually use string to cut the grass however they are not as adept to creating sharp edges. Trimmers come in electric or gasoline powered, they are versatile and some of the best lawn care tools that can be used anywhere. 

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Edgers on the other hand are needed when you want to change the shape of your yard. It can be used to create sharp edges between grass and landscaping elements. This tool is heavier than a trimmer and more expensive. But it will keep your lawn aesthetically pleasing.

Seed Spreader

A seed spreader or fertilizer spreader is a good way to distribute grass seed, fertilizer, weed killers and other lawn care products on your yard. This tool applies just the right amount of product so that your lawn is attractive and maintenance is easier.

This product is a good choice for people with big yards. They are also ideal for people who don’t want to do backbreaking work that is involved with keeping a lawn healthy. This is one of the best lawn care tool investments for big yards.

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Rake and Leaf Blower

Fallen leaves and other debris can make a yard look unkempt and untidy. A rake will help you gather fallen leaves more easily. It doesn’t use gasoline or electricity and is low maintenance and a good one will last years.

Leaf blowers are great for covering larger areas. They usually run on gasoline. There are also electric options available. Leaf blowers are noisy and can spread leaves around more so may need to rake afterwards. Quick Buy – Click Here

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Gardening gloves offer protection from scrapes and abrasions while working on your front yard or garden. They are probably some of the best lawn care tools around.

Aside from protection from wounds and cuts, gloves also protect your hands when you need to spread fertilizer, protect fingers from forming calluses when using various tools and keep your hands smooth.

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Pruning shears are cutting devices you can use for trimming your plants. They are different from your typical scissors because they are strong enough for hard branches of trees and shrubs. 

This is another important yard tool investment because it will keep your shrubs and plants from becoming wild. This is especially true if you want to maintain a good looking hedge or keep your shrubs and small trees from looking too wild. Quick Buy – Click Here

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Many real estate agents advice clients who are selling their home to start with curb appeal. This is because many aspects of your front yard can be improved just by using the best lawn care tools. Curb appeal plays a big role in property valuation and tidying your front yard is a cost-effective way of making your house look more attractive.

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