6 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Home

Throw open the windows and soak up the sunshine! Spring is here, along with the opportunity to get some deep cleaning done in your home. Here are six must-have spring cleaning tips to banish the winter dust bunnies.

Get Rid of Clutter

Before you get scrubbing, you have to get rid of any excess clutter. If you haven’t used it in a year, donate it to a local charity or throw it away. Go through all your kitchen drawers and determine if you have multiples of certain kitchen tools. Do the same in your dressers, closets etc.

Properly Store Off Season or Sentimental Belongings

If you come across something that you don’t actively use, but want to keep for sentimental reasons, there are a few ways to store it so that it remains intact but doesn’t take up valuable space. The same goes for your off-season wardrobe. Vacuum seal bags can easily store winter sweaters or baby clothes. Sturdy, clear totes with proper labeling can keep your mementos condensed in one place, organized and protected, while also taking up less space in your home.

Clean Walls and Baseboards

Now’s your chance to tackle that blemish or stain that you didn’t have time to remove during your regular cleaning. Once you’ve dusted the walls, use a magic eraser and give yourself extra time to work on each scuff, splatter, or crayon art that may have been passed over during other cleanings for the sake of time. An added bonus tip: rub your freshly cleaned baseboards with dryer sheets. They smell good and keep hair and dust from sticking to them in the future.

Scrub the Bathroom

For tough tub stains, use an abrasive powder such as Comet, Barkeeper’s Friend or even plain baking soda. For extremely set in stains, mix a paste with your chosen powder and apply it to the stained area. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes and you’ve just saved yourself some elbow grease! Don’t forget to check your medicine cabinet for expired medications or outdated prescriptions. Toss old makeup and protect your complexion!

Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior

Old Man Winter is not kind to the exterior of a house. Get out (or borrow) a power-washer and clean all that gunk off your siding. While you’re at it, don’t forget to deep-clean your garbage cans and touch up any paint or caulk that’s chipping or peeling. Check your gutters for leaves or twigs that might gum up the flow. Bonus tip: Use a mixture of a half a teaspoon of dish soap and warm water in a spray bottle to gently but thoroughly clean your patio furniture.

Spruce up the Yard

It’s not spring cleaning if there isn’t a sign of spring in your yard! Clean up any leaves or debris leftover from the winter. Plant some brightly colored pansies and put down a nice, thick layer of fresh mulch in your flower beds.

Once you’ve cleaned every inch of your home, you can sit back with a cool glass of lemonade and  congratulate yourself on a job well done! Even better, with your house squeaky clean, now might be an excellent time to put it on the market. A clean, organized house shows very well and can net you a much better price than a messy or cluttered home. Give it a shot and see what happens! Check out our other blogs for more Real Estate advice and tips!

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