Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your House

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time To Sell Your House

sell house in springSpring is the favorite time of the year for many people. It signals the time for renewal because flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring also gives us a break from the coldness of winter and conditions our body for the coming of summer.

However, did you know that spring is also the perfect time to sell your house?

Here are reasons why you should consider selling your house in spring.


1. Right Time of The Year

In most states, spring is the right time of the year to sell your house because everybody is in a “rebirth” frame of mind. During spring, many people become more hopeful as the grass turns greener. With this mindset, many people are keen to leave old things behind and look for somewhere new in the hopes of a fresh start.

Spring is also the most active season for real estate. This is probably because the days are longer and temperatures are starting to get higher. It makes people want to go out and look at houses.


2. Good Market

Spring is also a good time for the real estate market. Many people buy and sell their homes during this time of year. Unlike autumn or winter, there are no major holidays during this season. This means that realtors can focus on selling your house without fear of getting interrupted for last minute cooking or gift shopping. Summer is usually about spending time with family for vacations which leaves spring as a great time to focus on selling your house.

Many families also like to move during spring. During this season, it isn’t too cold or too hot. Once your house is sold, you can relocate easily since kids are out of school. So kids can finish school year in the old house and start their new school year in the new location.


3. Great Demand From Buyers

Winter is a terrible time for house selling. It’s cold, the season has many holidays and the frigid temperatures will deter house hunters from looking at new houses. But once you decide to buy a house, you can’t really delay it much longer which is why there is a great demand for houses during in spring. Once the days start to get longer again and temps begin to climb, house buyers will start looking for houses to move into so that they can get settled before the summer season begins.


4. Low Supply, High Demand

In many markets, there is a high demand but low supply of housing. This is because inventory is down and construction of new houses have been sluggish the last couple of years. This situation has sparked bidding wars in some markets as listings continue to drop and demand outstrips supply. Many buyers also feel that homes are more affordable this year because the foreclosure crisis is finally over. If your property is located in this kind of market, you could end up getting multiple offers which is good news for many sellers.


Your house is most likely to look its best during the lushness of spring compared to the bleakness of winter and the wilting heat of summer. While you can stage your house all-year round, the welcoming warmth of spring is still the best season to showcase your house’s features. To determine the value of your house, learn more here.

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