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Why You Should Work With A Real Estate Attorney Minneapolis

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Working with Real estate attorney minneapolis

Your real estate attorney Minneapolis will help protect you and your rights in estate planning, probate, divorce or simply closing a sale. In these situations, it can be very useful to work with a real estate attorney who is knowledgeable about the real estate laws of your state. It can be a great advantage working with a real […]

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How to run an estate sale

Posted by Hena Bhakta // February 17, 2016 // Blog / Featured / Probate / Real Estate Minneapolis // estate planning attorney minneapolis / How to run an estate sale / Probate / Real Estate Minneapolis

Knowing how to run an estate sale is a must when there is a loss in the family and the deceased’s assets need to be liquidated. This kind of sale is also referred to as a probate sale because it undergoes the process of probate and is overseen by the probate court. Probate refers to […]

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