House Not Selling

Why is My Property Not Getting Any Offers?

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house with no offers

There are many different reasons why your property may not be generating any attention. Perhaps something went wrong with your listing or maybe word has not gotten out that you’re selling. If your property is not getting any offers or attention, there might be a more serious problem than marketing. Here are some reasons why you may not […]

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What To Do If Your House Isn’t Selling?

Posted by Hena Bhakta // November 30, 2016 // Blog / Featured / For Sale By Owner / Real Estate Minneapolis // Home Isn't Selling / Home Not Selling / House Isn't Selling / House Not Selling / Need to sell my house fast / Sell House Fast / Sell my House FAST

Expired House Listing

It takes time and patience to wait for an offer and then close when selling your house. There are plenty of house sellers out there who feel like they’ve waited too long for their house to be sold. So what’s the deal? Why isn’t a house selling as quickly as it should be? We will […]

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