Tenant Complaints

5 Ways To Find The Right Tenants

Posted by Hena Bhakta // July 5, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Minnesota / Rental Property / Twin Cities // Common Tenant Issues / Common Tenant Problems / Find the right tenant / Landlord Problems / Pick the right tenant / Tenant Complaints / Tenant Screening

How to find the right tenant

Are you an owner of a rental house or apartment? Do you have trouble finding the right tenants for your properties?   As a landlord you may often have to make a decision on how to screen and pick the right tenant.   Below are some ways on how you can do this:   Ask […]

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5 Ways To Be A Better Landlord

Posted by Hena Bhakta // September 28, 2016 // Blog / Featured // Landlord / Property Management / Rent / Rental Problems / Rental Property / Tenant Complaints / Tenants

Better Landlord

Opening your property up for rent may sound like a great idea when you’re talking about having passive income. But, it takes more to manage a property and to be a good landlord. Landlords may not be nice or as approachable. That’s because landlords have to deal with constant tenant complaints, tenants who pay late […]

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