Top 4 Tips To Sell Your House Fast

Top 4 Tips To Sell Your House Fast

With low inventory and high demand it’s great time to sell your house right now. There are some simple and easy tips to follow which can make the home selling process stress free but also quick.

Below are top 4 simple and easy ways to sell your house quickly:



1) Set A Realistic Sale Price

Pricing is always on top of the list if you want to sell your house. Realtors usually assist buyers by looking at properties and checking if they are priced accurately in comparison to other homes in the market. Price your house competitively with other homes in the neighborhood. This will help the buyer favor your house over other competing homes in the market.

Don’t make the mistake of pricing  your home too high. However, it is just a house in the buyer’s eyes and they will be the one making the decision to buy or pass on the home so it is important to have a realistic price that is in alignment with the pricing of similar homes in your area.


2) Staging

Some sellers shy away from staging thinking that it is an unnecessary expense. This is not true because staging can make the house look more attractive for buyers.

When a house is staged, it is basically “de-personalized”. Generic houses are better than houses with photographs, memorabilia or purple walls because buyers will find it easier to see themselves living in the house if it does not have your family picture mounted and so forth. Staging is all about setting the mood so that buyers can visualize themselves cooking in the kitchen or lounging in the living room.


3) Photography

A picture is literally worth a thousand words in real estate. In today’s world buyers usually open their laptops or PCs the minute they decide to buy a home. Nowadays it’s more convenient in looking for a house through the internet than driving around in strange locations and waiting for the realtor to show up. Posting your house on a real estate website is a great way to reach more people and will help speed up the sale of your property.

However, grainy pictures or unprofessional looking photographs are turn offs. The pictures of your home on a real estate website should show your house in the best possible lighting and angle. If you don’t think you have the talent for photography, do yourself a favor and hire a professional photographer. They will be able to make your home look great and help make it look more attractive to buyers so they will want to visit your home in person.


4) Be Realistic About Repairs or Issues in your Home

Many homeowners are blind to a leaky faucet or that one broken pane of window in the guest room. However, repairs and maintenance issues can be irksome to buyers who want to move into the home as soon as possible. Many of them know that there will be long term maintenance in owning a home but most expect things to work perfectly since they just shelled out all that money. In other words, they want to let their wallets rest.

Do yourself and your buyer a favor and fix broken fixtures, peeling paint and other maintenance issues. Not only will your house sell faster but your buyer will thank you for it.


According to, it is expected there will be a higher buyer turnout for 2018 which means more buyers could be on the hunt for a new home. With more buyers flooding the market, this year could be the best year to sell your house. Be prepared with selling your house by following these simple and easy tips.


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