Top 5 Real Estate Photography Tips

Top 5 Real Estate Photography Tips

Top Real Estate Photography TipsThere are many homeowners that turn to the internet to sell their house faster. The problem with listing your property online is the competition. To get your listing noticed, you have to find a way to cut through the noise and stand out.


One of the best ways to get attention is by posting good quality photographs that will attract the buyer’s eyes. Having good photos is important because you want to put your best foot forward and leave a good impression.


Here are five tips for better real estate photos:


1) Use The Right Equipment

The right equipment can make a big difference to the outcome of your pictures. If you value good quality images, we suggest that you start with a good camera and lens. Let’s be clear that you don’t have to buy the most expensive equipment. You only need to buy a model with a good lens that zooms out to the widest focal point between 24 and 28mm (35mm equivalent). This is because the key to good real estate photography is an ultra-wide angle lens. It can give potential buyers a better perspective of the entire room and make them feel that they are in the room. A camera with a good ISO performance is also very beneficial. Cameras with high ISO are ideal for low-light situations.

A tripod can also come in handy for interior shots. Holding a camera usually results in blurry shots. Buy a tripod with remote shutter to eliminate the risk of shaking the camera.


2) Prepare The Room

Remember when we said you will want to put your best foot forward? You can start by preparing your rooms by de-cluttering them. Keep paperwork, dirty clothes, knick-knacks, garbage and other unsightly personal belongings away from the rooms you are photographing. Clean all the areas and make sure that your bedspread and surfaces are clean. Plump up the sofa, cushions and straighten curtains and blinds. Make the house look spotless.


3) Plan Each Shot

For outdoor photos, the best time to schedule a shoot is early morning or early evening when the light is crisp and clear. In both times, the light must come from the side that highlights the house.

For exterior photos, remember to shoot the room and not the furniture. Buyers want to sense a feel of the room. Set up your tripod and compose the scene so that it shows the beauty of the room. Give potential buyers a good overview of the room by using a wide-angle lens. Make the room look large, clean and bright. Take advantage of natural lighting by opening windows.

Don’t use flash as much as possible and time your interior photos when the best light is falling into the room. This will make your photos look natural and avoid unnecessary shadows.


4) Enhance Final Photos

A good photo editing software can improve the final image. Enhance colors to make your photographs look attractive and professional-looking. You can also edit the photos to remove unnecessary objects.


5) Copyright Your Photos

When you post your photos online, there is always the risk of somebody stealing your work. Protect your photos by putting visual watermarks to prevent online theft. Visible watermarks prevent unauthorized use of photos so infringement is discouraged.

There is no substitute for experience and practice when it comes to photography. Practice as much as you can before taking actual photos of your house so that your photos look professional and attract viewers.

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