Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Highland Park Realtors

Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Highland Park Realtors

Buying or selling a house can be a stressful process even for seasoned individuals. Whether you are buying or selling in Highland Park, St Paul, there are so many realtors to choose from. Finding somebody that you can work with can be daunting.

Following these tips that experienced buyers and sellers adhere to can help you find the best Highland Park realtors:


1. License and Disciplinary Actions

In most states including Minnesota, people that want to become real estate agents have to undergo a pre-license real estate education and then pass the exam to become a real estate agent. Before hiring your friend’s recommendation or the first search result you see, make sure to check if they are licensed to practice in Minnesota. Hiring an unlicensed “agent” can result in headaches and could end up costing you money and your time.

Check to see if there are disciplinary actions against the realtor. For example, a realtor might be in violation of the Code of Ethics. To find out, check with your local association of realtors on the status of the realtor’s license or disciplinary actions before hiring a Highland Park realtor.


2. Credentials

Credentials and certifications of Highland Park realtors mean they underwent training, seminars and schooling to gain more knowledge about real estate. This is very important because people who aren’t serious about a profession will not waste time and money on self-improvement. People who want more knowledge and want more personal development will continue to improve themselves so that they can facilitate your particular real estate transaction and do their job better. For example a realtor more specialized in foreclosure or short sales will have more knowledge about that particular situation versus someone who is not.


3. Experience

Highland Park realtors who have experience will know the ins and outs of real estate. They will have a bigger network and know what to expect and do in different types of situations. Having experience on your side is better if you want to lessen the stress of buying or selling a house. This should also include skills like negotiation and so forth.


4. Local Market Knowledge

Highland Park realtors should know where the bus stop, trains and public transportation is. The same is true for those who are looking to be near the best schools in the area or homes near shopping centers. They will know which properties to show you according to your needs or specific situation. Knowledge of the local area will eliminate properties that do not meet your requirements.


5. Current listings – Buyer or Seller’s Agent

In most parts of the states, the listing agent represents the seller while the buyer is represented by the selling agent. Consider specialities of Highland Park realtors because some agents excel at selling while others excel in representing buyers. Some agents work strictly with home buyers while there are also agents that handle an equal amount of buyers and sellers.

It is beneficial to have different agents if for instance you are selling a home in one location and buying in another. It is better to hire an agent according to your specific transaction.


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