Top Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Top Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Home Not SellingHousing is on a boom and the market is beginning to thrive again. In some areas, demand is even outstripping supply. However, this strong market isn’t a guarantee that your home will sell. There will be reasons why people are not buying your house.


If your house has been sitting on the market for some time now, you may want to go across the street and look at your house objectively. Below are some reasons why your house may not be selling.


Price Is High

It is in the nature of buyers to always look for a good bargain. If your house is not selling it could be because it is priced too high. One of the reasons why sellers price high is because of the emotional value they place on their homes. Avoid this by being objective and by doing research on home prices in your area.


Distressed Property

Another top reason why houses do not sell quickly is because they look or are run down. It does not necessarily mean that you need to renovate your kitchen or re-tile the dining area. You just need to make your home attractive by cleaning it up, applying new paint or by doing some landscaping. In most cases all it needs is a bit of sprucing up.

There will be instances where you will need to pay for a new roof or you might want to fix that water damage on the ceiling. Repairing your home is necessary because damage like this will make buyers jumpy and hesitant to make offers. Remember these people will always look for a good bargain and will try to look for a home that doesn’t need major fixes because they want to move in the soonest.


Too Much “You”

It might sound crazy but people do not like houses that have too much of the owner’s personality in it. When buyers view a house they want to be able to imagine themselves living in it. This is a common problem because buyers rarely have the same taste as the sellers. To avoid this, you can put some personal mementos and photos in storage or you can paint the walls a neutral color to let the buyer’s imagination take flight.



This problem is common among FSBO homes. It is usually because you don’t have time to show prospective buyers around your home. But in order to sell your home you need to be flexible when it comes to showing around buyers. You can do this by scheduling a date and time for viewing or you can ask a relative or friend to show around prospective buyers when you can’t. This way the house will be more available for viewing.


Not Advertised Properly

In order for your house to sell quickly you need to advertise it better. If you’re not a good photographer or writer you can hire people to do this for you. Your photos and descriptions don’t need to be prose and poetry. All it has to do is describe and show your house clearly. Going over the top won’t sit well with buyers especially if the house does not live up to expectations.


Poorly Planned 

There’s really not a lot you can do with this kind of problem. In most cases, sellers just need to deal with it. For example, your yard is postage stamp sized or you have a small hill that makes mowing the lawn challenging. You can hide some of these disadvantages with some fantastic landscaping.


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