Trends in Kitchen Design

Trends in Kitchen Design

Updating your kitchen’s look may be easier than you think with this year’s current trends in kitchen design. With the current focus being simplicity, beauty and functionality, redesigning your kitchen may be as simple as giving it a fresh coat of paint and adding a few accents of colors and patterns. If you are planning to give your kitchen that chic, modern, 2016 touch, here are kitchen design trends that you should be looking at:


Texture on Texture

Kitchen designs this year will also display textures matched with other textures throughout the kitchen. Instead of concentrating textures on one focal point or area in the kitchen, different textures will be repositioned into different patterns throughout the kitchen. This texture on texture trend is less mix and match of different patterns and more on the same patterns in different perspectives. This will give any kitchen a feel of being designed in a minimalist manner, but with great attention to detail.

Trends in Kitchen Design - Texture on Texture







Clean, Minimal Feel

Today’s kitchen feels more minimal yet chic. Less décor is used and the design is concentrated towards subtle colors, bold lines and patterns. This kind of design gives kitchens a more spacious and cleaner feel. Because embellishments are lesser, the clean and minimal design also frees up extra space and storage in your kitchen.

Trends in Kitchen Design - Clean, Minimal Feel







Functionality and Space Savers

Space saving cabinets and drawers are all in this year. Many kitchens don’t exactly have the biggest of spaces so the solution for most homeowners is to go for cabinets, cupboards, shelves, islands and other kitchen storage facilities that are brilliantly designed to save space. These facilities may have multi-tiered drawers, hydraulic, easy-open doors, rotating shelves and the likes to make it easier for homeowners to store and get to supplies, cutlery and other kitchenware.


Trends in Kitchen Design - Functionality and Space Savers







Metallic Finishes

To give your kitchen a modern feel, you can introduce elements of brass, bronze or copper. Last year, metal finishes played a more subtle role. Homeowners went for tiny hints of metal through faucets, cabinet pulls and pendant lights. This year, however, metal will play a bigger role in a kitchen’s design. Wooden range hoods are replaced with metals one to give a kitchen that eye-catching contrast of raw material.

Trends in Kitchen Design - Metallic Finishes







Soft, Subtle Colors

This year, white will still dominate most kitchen surfaces but soft, subtle colors will not be far behind in the running. Pastel versions of neutral colors, like pastel blue and green, will become great alternatives to plain white. Also, wooden elements with lighter tones in kitchens have been popularly incorporated with muted colors. Whitewashed woods, for example, have been spotted more often as a kitchen’s major element. The colors that are more vivid colors play a supporting role in the background by acting as accents.

Trends in Kitchen Design - Soft, Subtle Colors







Other Kitchen Design Trends and Inspiration

This year’s trends can’t be summed up in a short list so use your resourcefulness and your mobile device to look for other inspirations on the internet. Look for different ways that you can update you kitchen’s look without spending a lot of your savings. For more advice and tips, visit our blog here.

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