We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN

We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN

Are you planning to sell your house? Would you like to save on commissions and closing costs?  If you are looking to sell your house quickly have you considered a cash buyer – We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN?

Instead of selling the costly conventional way, you can sell your house to a cash buyer for huge savings!

There are many benefits to selling your house to We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN:


Fast Closing With We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN

Offering your home up for sale to a cash buyer such as We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN gives you the option to close fast. This is because you do not have to wait for approval of bank financing that traditional buyers have to go through. The cash buyer has the ability to pay in cash. This means the deal is done considerably faster and on your timeline.


You Do Not Have To Make Any Repairs

Most buyers look for their ideal home in perfect condition. In some cases buyers have cancelled the sale because the home is not in the condition they expected it to be. Repairs can range from electrical or plumbing, repairing AC or HVAC units, remediation of mold, problems with the foundation of the house and roof etc. Most of these repairs can be costly. In comparison to traditional buyers, a cash buyer will buy the home AS-IS. This means you do not have to make any repairs to your property. Usually, the more work that is required, the better for the cash buyer/real estate investor.


You Save Money From Commissions

The best advantage of selling to a real estate investor or cash buyer such as We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN is that you do not have to pay any commission costs. This is because the sale is usually direct with no realtor involved. Since there is no commission to pay this usually means more money for your pocket. For example 6% commission on a $100,000 price home is a saving of $6,000!


You Save On Holding Costs

A traditional home sale takes an average of 45 days from list date to closing in the best case scenario. However, usually a lot of time is involved in staging, prepping the property for sale and then waiting for a buyer to put in an offer to purchase. Something to keep in mind is the holding costs of the property which includes insurance, property tax, utilities bills and other maintenance costs. Selling your house to We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN cash buyers means a fast sale which also benefits you on savings from holding costs.



Are you in a situation where you need to sell your house quickly? Do you like the flexibility to sell on your timeline? Are you looking to save on commissions and not worry about making any repairs? If this sounds like you then We Buy Houses Apple Valley MN cash buyer such as Gold Path Real Estate could be one option for you. Call Gold Path Real Estate today to find out the options available to you. Call 612-758-0071 NOW.

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