We Buy Houses Minneapolis

We Buy Houses Minneapolis

We buy ugly housesIf you have ever seen a sign that reads “We Buy Houses Minneapolis” or “We Buy Houses”, you will know that real estate investors are on the lookout for properties in your market. Many homeowners are unaware of other options available to them other than using a realtor.

A real estate investor could be one option for you if you want to sell your property quickly and move on with life.

Below are some advantages of selling your home this way:


We Buy Houses Minneapolis – “AS IS”

With we buy houses Minneapolis investors you do not need to do any repairs or improvements to your property should you decide to sell this way. Houses are purchased “AS IS” which can be very advantageous since many buyers usually require sellers to paint, remodel or renovate homes before buying them. With we buy houses Minneapolis buyers you do not need to be subjected to unnecessary delays or incur cost from repairs.


Cash Buyers

With cash purchase you can expect a speedy transaction. This is because there is no delays from financing contingencies that usually comes with a traditional sale. The investor will usually pay cash for your house and work with you to close on your timeline.


We Buy Houses Minneapolis Problem Solvers

There have been situations where a  buyer will find fault in a property or conduct a lengthy inspection to intimidate homeowners as a ploy to make them reduce the sale price. With an investor such as Gold Path Real Estate, you can expect solutions oriented strategy to your real estate problems and a simplified selling process. Whether you are behind on mortgage payments, have liens or problem with the title of your property, Gold Path Real Estate will work with you with the option that works best for you.

We buy houses Minneapolis investors are in touch with market trends and use their knowledge and experience to help solve problems. If you want to sell your house and buy another one, Gold Path Real Estate can work with you to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. There are options available to structure the deal to allow you to sell your house, buy a new one and still have some cash left over.


Dealing With Investors

Home sellers can always sell their properties to retail buyers. However, there may be certain situations when it is better to sell your house to an investor. Retail buyers could tie up your house in tedious inspections, appraisals and loan approvals. An investor on the other hand would work with you on your timeline. Also, since the investor is buying the house directly from you, one of the biggest advantages is savings from commissions. With a realtor you would have to pay commissions when you sell your house. For example, a 6% commission on a $100,000 sale price home would be $6,000 in commissions. This could be extra cash for your pocket when selling to an investor.


We buy Houses Minneapolis could be advantageous for house sellers depending on their situation. Whether you need cash immediately or need to sell your property quickly for a different reason it could be wise to contact an investor such as Gold Path Real Estate to find out the options available to you. Call 612-758-0071 today.

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