Find The Best Realtor Apple Valley MN

Find The Best Realtor Apple Valley MN

Best Realtor Apple Valley MNAre you a buyer or seller looking to hire the best Realtor Apple Valley MN? For first time buyers and sellers, buying or selling a house could seem daunting and intimidating. There is simply too much to do and the information about buying or selling may seem overwhelming. Luckily you can always work with a realtor, however it is important to not just work with any agent/realtor.

Below are the most important traits to check on to hire the best realtor:


Experience of Realtor Apple Valley MN

If you’re looking for a best realtor in Apple Valley MN, you should pick somebody with experience. An experienced realtor already should know about the local market and be familiar with the buying/selling process, problems and issues that could arise in a real estate transaction and various real estate situations such as short sale, foreclosure etc.



An experienced Realtor Apple Valley MN should also have knowledge of local real estate laws and practices. This means that he or she should be able to anticipate the next move or formulate a strategy based on their past experience. For example when selling, if a property is sitting too long on the market without any showings than the realtor should have knowledge on other options/strategies to use.

In the same manner, the realtor should have detailed knowledge of the local market such as median price, days on market, marketing knowledge and pricing strategy. Make sure the realtor is up-to-date with the latest topics in real estate and the local market so that they can serve you more effectively.


Commission Rate

Don’t hire a Realtor Apple Valley MN without knowing their commission rate. According to real estate website UpNest, average Minnesota Real Estate commission rates range from 5% to 6%, with 5.4% being the most popular. Commission rates are important because they can impact the amount of money you go home with when you’re selling.

If you think that your Realtor Apple Valley MN is charging too high for commissions, don’t hesitate to negotiate. You should also interview multiple agents when selling or buying a home. as it is important you should be comfortable feel compatible with chosen realtor.


Communication Skills

Communication is very important in any type of deal. During a transfer of property and money, all parties should understand each other which is why you need a Realtor Apple Valley MN with great communication skills. Your realtor should be able to express him or herself clearly in different types of communication methods.

Speaking of methods, your Realtor Apple Valley MN should also be available via different means of communication. This includes phone calls, text messages and emails. Make sure to discuss with your realtor your preferred method of communication.



Your Realtor Apple Valley MN could be working alone or have a team. Regardless, your chosen realtor and their team should be available when you need them the most. During the crucial moments of an open house or during the final stages of closing, your realtor and his or her team should be available to assist you. They should also be available during the planning stages and make all of their strategies available to you for approval.

Check for the realtor’s availability before hiring them. Some realtors juggle numerous clients and might not have enough time to deal with your transaction.


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