How To Create A Stellar Curb Appeal

How To Create A Stellar Curb Appeal

curb appealIn real estate business, a beautiful place can make or break a great sale. Many real estate brokers and agents have said that in order to attract potential buyers for a particular property, one needs to create a stellar curb appeal of that place.


Whether you are planning to sell your house or you just want to create curb appeal, we are here to help. We have listed some easy and simple ways you can create a stellar curb appeal for your house.


Decorate the front door

The focal point of a curb appeal of a home is its entry zone. Change the exterior of your front door by creating a statement. Apply bright color paint on the door or re- install a custom-made door. You can also try out different types of wooden doors with various elegant designs. Dust off the dirty spots around the door, clean the knob and polish all the door fixtures by using a metal polish. You can also hang a wreath or a customized welcome sign that reflects the personal style of the home.


Enlarge the size of the windows

Exchanging old windows for double- pane and efficient glass is one of the incredible selling features of a house. You will be able to sense a touch of style that surrounds the glass and the size of the window. Each house has its own style and it will dictate in that way whether you want a window frame, an awning or shutters for windows. Though you need to also keep in mind to place windows that are prone to extreme weather which includes, heavy snowfall, severe storm, hurricane and much more.


Refurbish the roof

One of the most important element to create an attractive exterior design is to redecorate the roof. Upgrade your roof by adding bright color tones. There are many styles available that enable you to create different looks such as a woodsy, natural or a classic upscale look at a very affordable price. You can evaluate various looks according to style cohesion of the current siding of the house.


Decrease the size of the lawn

It is very difficult to keep up with a house’s curb appeal when you have to regularly fertilize and mow the lawn. In order to lessen your work and increase the curb appeal of your house, you can place low-maintenance lawn beds with shrubs and mulch etc. You can also place mulch under bushes and trees and you won’t even have to mulch for the next few years. Also, you can add different groundcovers such as ferns, hostas, periwinkle etc. Add wooden fences or brick border around the plants in order stop spreading it towards other areas.


Clean the driveways and the walkways

Keeping the driveways and the walkways clean and tidy is also attractive to potential buyers. Repair the cracks and the gaps of the walkways and the driveways. Seal all the asphalt driveways every two years. This will keep the driveway in its best shape. The cracks in the walkways can be sealed by using cement and cement caulk.


Install outdoor lighting

Installing beautiful and bright lighting in your front lawn and backyard makes a huge impact on the curb appeal of a house. Along with that, it also provides security and safety. You can add lighting to the trees or around the entire walkway in order to illuminate the whole property. If wiring seems a little difficult for you, you can also add solar fixtures that will create a beautiful accent around the house.


By following any of these simple techniques, you can really revamp your curb appeal. Looking for more tips on how to attract potential buyers and sell your home fast? Learn more here.

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