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Homebuyer Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Hena Bhakta // March 29, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Properties For Sale // Female Homebuyers / homebuyer / homebuyer questions / Real Estate Agent / What Female Buyers Want / Woman House Buyers

most common homebuyer questions

As a new homebuyer you may have a lot of questions about real estate. It is always advisable to do your research before you invest a large amount money that may be needed to buy a house. Below may help to answer some of the most common homebuyer questions:   1.    Is buying better than renting? […]

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How To Create A Stellar Curb Appeal

Posted by Hena Bhakta // February 22, 2017 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate Minneapolis // buyers / curb appeal / For Sale by Owner / FSBO / landscaping / Real Estate Agent / Realtor / sellers

curb appeal

In real estate business, a beautiful place can make or break a great sale. Many real estate brokers and agents have said that in order to attract potential buyers for a particular property, one needs to create a stellar curb appeal of that place.   Whether you are planning to sell your house or you […]

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How To Sell Your House Without An Agent

Posted by Hena Bhakta // October 26, 2016 // Blog / Featured / Real Estate Minneapolis // For Sale by Owner / How to sell your house without an agent / Real Estate Agent / Realtor

How to sell your house without a realtor

Selling your house without a real estate agent is appealing to many people because when you cut off the middleman you can make more money through savings in agent fees. While selling your house can be daunting to some people, it can be done successfully according to Greg Healy, Vice President of Operations at […]

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Why Didn’t My Agent Sell My House?

Posted by Hena Bhakta // January 13, 2016 // Blog / Featured // Minneapolis Real Estate Agents / Real Estate Agent / Real Estate Agent Minneapolis / Real Estate Agents Minneapolis / Realtor

Expired Listing

For the most part, home sellers mostly, entrust the selling of their home to a real estate agent without considering other options. They make this decision thinking that they’ll be able to make a quick and smooth sale since real estate agents are considered to be experts in their field. If you want a quick […]

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