Why Didn’t My Agent Sell My House?

Why Didn’t My Agent Sell My House?

Expired ListingFor the most part, home sellers mostly, entrust the selling of their home to a real estate agent without considering other options. They make this decision thinking that they’ll be able to make a quick and smooth sale since real estate agents are considered to be experts in their field. If you want a quick and smooth transaction to close your house, going to a real estate agent may not be the best move to make.

There are a number of reasons why we think this way and we’re sure that previous home sellers would agree to the following points that answer the question: “Why didn’t my agent sell my house?”

You Didn’t Do Home Improvements

Your real estate agent will definitely make a few home improvement suggestions to make your house more attractive to home buyers. Of course, no home seller would want to dish out a large sum of money into improving a property that they already want to dispose of.  It’s a dilemma and this is one of the top reasons why a real estate agent is unable to sell.

Real Estate Agents Have Other Houses They Need to Attend to

Everybody knows how real estate agents make their income, i.e., they work on commission. What people fail to realize, however, is the fact that real estate agents need to make more sales to make more commission. Now, think about this: real estate agents already have an idea of the kind of house that sells and the kind that doesn’t because they know the market in your area. If you haven’t made improvements and if the agent sees that your house is not the kind that will sell quickly, they might list your house down on the lower end of their priority queue.

The Price of Your House is TOO High

Have you ever heard of this statement that most real estate agents tell their clients? “I want what you want. Since I work on commission, I’ll get more when your home is priced more”. This is true to some degree, but real estate agents don’t actually want you to price your home higher. This is because it will remain in the market for a long time until someone who’s willing to pay the price you want comes along, and that is a BIG “if”.

Here’s a scenario: let’s say your house is worth $500,000 and your agent earns 2.5% in commission which would amount to $12,500. There are only a very few people who can afford a $500,000 home so it stays put for a long period of time. Let’s say an offer of $450,000 comes along. Your agent will definitely urge you to make the deal because there isn’t much difference in their commission of $11,250. For the homeowner, however, $50,000 is a pretty big discount.

The point is, you want your house to be sold at the best price while your agent just wants it to be sold for their commission. If you are unwilling to negotiate the price of your house, it might end up not being sold by your realtor.

As you can see, selling real estate is a challenge which requires a lot of effort and creativity. Sellers may not have the time to put in the effort required to sell their house. So they turn to a real estate agent who does have the experience and expertise. However, listing a house for sale with an agent doesn’t always guarantee a quick and smooth transaction. A number of factors come into play that may cause your agent to NOT sell your house.

Selling to an Investor

If you are looking for a quick and smooth transaction consider selling your house to an investor. Gold Path Real Estate, LLC is an investment company that purchases properties directly from the seller. You can eliminate several concerns working with Gold Path Real Estate, such as, remodeling or renovating required to sell your house, which costs time and money.

Dealing directly with Gold Path Real Estate means no commissions, closing costs, marketing fees, and other unexpected fees, saving you thousands of dollars by not using a realtor. Overall using an investor such as Gold Path Real Estate will put more money in your bank account quickly and efficiently. Call us NOW if you are looking to sell.

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